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  • We are legally allowed to sell you unique UPC code numbers for your products because we own several UCC-issued company prefixes of 100,000 unused numbers each. The UCC is now called the GS1 (since 2005) and due to a class action lawsuit against them in 2002 which they lost, the terms of our original ownership agreement with them was deemed null and void as long as the prefixes were purchased prior to August 28, 2002. We are therefore allowed to sell you unused numbers and make it more reasonable and affordable for you to buy UPC codes for your products*.
  • You are not required to buy through the GS1. The GS1 is not federal or regulatory, they are just a corporation like yours and ours. Barcoding is merely a standard used by your retailers.
  • We provide you with guaranteed unique numbers originating from the UCC (now called GS1), a Certificate of Authenticity, a complete list of your numbers with check digits, and barcode graphics files for your product labels in GS1 standards-compliant Vector EPS format, as well as hi-res TIF and JPG for maximum compatibility with which ever software programs you might be using for your labels.
  • Our numbers can be used on any type of product except pharmaceuticals, books and fresh produce sold in bulk (vs. pre-packaged).
  • Our numbers are valid worldwide. We have hundreds of thousands of numbers in use throughout the world and a 100% satisfied customer track record.
  • You will own your numbers outright with no membership or renewal fees.
  • We are a real company with a real office, staff, phone, and credit card merchant account.
  • We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • We have been verified by George Laurer, inventor of the UPC barcode and are a confirmed member of his Authenticated UPC Registry. He confirmed that we own prefixes that were issued by the Uniform Code Council prior to August 28, 2002, thereby allowing us to sell our unused numbers to others who can use them because the original agreements with the UCC were deemed null and void in the lawsuit settlement.
  • We fill your order same day, usually in only a few hours, and we offer Free Rush Service if you are in a pinch and need your barcodes yesterday.
  • Your numbers don't need to be issued in the country your product is being manufacturered.
  • If you already have your numbers from the GS1 and need UPC barcodes, Shipping Container Codes and many other formats, we offer inexpensive barcode graphics starting at $4.99 from our sister site My Barcode Graphics.
  • We are here to help and will answer your questions about barcoding, product labels and printing, even if you don't buy numbers from us
  • Yes, it's really that Easy with EZ UPC. We are Your UPC Easy Button.

*For details about the lawsuit, visit George Laurer's website. George is the inventor of the UPC barcode.


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