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Buying UPC Codes
from  EZUPC vs.
direct from the GS1

The PROs
of Buying from EZUPC

When you buy upc code numbers from us, you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how many products you have.

You can use your codes anywhere in the world. If you live outside North America you will automatically receive EAN Barcode graphics in your order and can use your numbers as either UPC or EAN codes. Our codes all originate from the GS1 and are 100% legal and legitimate.

We offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee Return Policy

If you run into any issues using our numbers that we cannot help you resolve within 14 days of purchase, we will refund your transaction on orders of quantities 20 or less.

If you are considering a large quantity of numbers, we highly recommend you buy a single number or several and test them first. If you run into any issues, 99% of the time we can help you resolve the issue.

You will own your numbers for life as an asset that belongs to your company—no leasing of numbers that requires annual fees to maintain ownership like the GS1.

We are one of the oldest and most trusted legal, verfied authentic Barcode Resellers out there since 2007. We have sold hundreds of thousands of numbers in use throughout the world. We are fully transparent and operate with integrity, unlike a lot of our competitors, some of which have even been fined by the Federal Trade Commission.

It’s fast and easy and you’ll get your numbers and barcode graphics in minutes that you can use for online selling and at *most* physical retail stores. See the Cons column for info about the handful of retailers that won’t accept UPC Codes issued by us.

When you order from us, you will automatically receive barcode graphic files for each number you order in three GS-1 Standards-Compliant formats for high resolution professional printing: Vector EPS and universal PDF.

We answer our phones (or will return your call) and pride ourselves on our Customer Service. We will help you as much as we can with any questions or issues related to putting barcodes on your products or navigating using your codes.

We provide a Certificate of Ownership, Authenticity and Uniqueness that is a binding contract between EZUPC and  you regarding the transfer of ownership to you and the legitimacy of the GTINs we sell.  This Certificate is accepted by Amazon as a “direct affiliation with the company appearing in the GS1’s GEPIR database”.

We have been selling authentic, legal numbers that originate from the GS1 since 2007 and have sold hundreds of thousands worldwide. You can trust that we are legitimate and here to help you.

Our numbers are valid Worldwide and will work for any product (except pharmaceuticals, books and bulk produce). Imports being sold online • Clothing • Electronics • Auto products • Manufacturing parts • Salad Dressings • Salsa • Cheese • Nuts • Seafood • Frozen Pizza • Ice Cream • Wine • Beer • Liquor • Children’s toys • Plants • Seeds • Candles • Decor Items • Nutritional Supplements • Energy Drinks • Energy Bars • Candy • Snacks • Pasta • CDs • DVDs • Craft Items • Educational Items, etc. We could go on and on.

Our numbers are being used in hundreds of countries throughout the world including but not limited to: Canada, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, South Africa (and several other African countries), Germany, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, France, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Greenland, Croatia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Barbados, Mexico, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, and on and on.

Our customers have reported to us complete success using our numbers in online stores like Amazon, Amazon UK, iTunes, CD Baby, and retail stores such as *Target, Dillards, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Costco, all kinds of grocery stores throughout the US, and many, many more, large and small.

*See the Cons column for info about the handful of retailers that won’t accept UPC Codes issued by us.

The CONs
of Buying from EZUPC


 When you buy from us your company information will not appear in the GS1 Database—they will show the original company that owns the prefix which we now legally own and are able to sell subset numbers to you due to the 2002 Class Action Settlement Agreement from the lawsuit that the GS1 (formerly UCC) lost and agreed to settlement.

That said, it is absolutely not necessary and definitely not a deal-breaker for most of you that your company will not appear in the GS1 database. Contrary to what they want you to believe, there is no central database that tracks all the gazillions of individual barcode numbers in use throughout the world—that would be impossible. And the fact is, the GS1’s database is only tracking about 25-30%. Not to mention, the GS1 is not government and barcodes are not regulated.


When you buy from us you are only getting individual GTINs (UPC/EAN Barcode numbers) and not a Company Prefix. This is also not a deal breaker for most of you as the vast majority of companies don’t need a prefix, especially if you’re only selling online or locally.


When you buy from us you can’t use your numbers at a national level in physical Walmart & Sam’s Club stores (Walmart.com is okay), Kroger branded groceries (such as Kroger, Fry’s, King Soopers, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, etc.), Macy’s and Bloomingdales. and a small number of other retailers who may require that you purchase directly from the GS1.

This has nothing to do with the numbers or us, but is merely a matter of policy because those stores all have members on the Board of the GS1.

Is EZ UPC Right For You?

Read the main points you should consider to determine if you should buy your UPC/EAN Codes from us.

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Using EZUPC vs. the GS1

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