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Buy UPC & EAN Codes for Your Products

We’ve been providing UPC and EAN barcode numbers (GTINs) for your products since 2007.  Buy UPC codes for nearly all physical retailers worldwide and online retailers such as Flpkart, eBay, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Our numbers originate from the GS1 and we are the only UPC reseller that offers a 14 Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.

Buy 1-4 at $5.00 each
Buy 5-9 at $2.00 each
Buy 10-24 at $1.75 each
Buy 25-49 at $1.50 each
Buy 50-74 at $1.25 each
Buy 75-99 at $1.00 each
Buy 100-199 at $0.75 each
Buy 200-499 at $0.50 each
Buy 500-999 at $0.38 each
Buy 1000 or more at $0.25 each

What You Get When You
Buy UPC Codes From EZUPC:

• Instant Download Link

• Certificate of Ownership with GTIN Assignment & Original GS1 Authenticity

• Spreadsheet File With Your Barcode Numbers that Can Be Used as UPCs (GTIN-12), EANs (GTIN-13) and SCC/Master Case Codes (GTIN-14)

• UPC Barcode Graphics Files (and EAN if you are outside North America) in vector EPS and universal PDF file formats

• 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on Quantities of 20 or Less

• Own Your Numbers For Life With No Renewal Fees

Buy UPC Codes & EAN Codes and Use Them Worldwide
for Most Physical and Online Retailers

Buy UPC Codes for Products & Amazon

And Nearly All Physical Retail Stores

Note that there are a handful of physical stores that require you to buy directly from the GS1. These include but are not limited to Walmart retail stores at the national level and some regional (and Sam’s Club), any Kroger owned grocery store including Fred Meyer, any May Company Department stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Lord & Taylor.

If you are so successful as to get contracts with such stores then you can justify the high cost of buying direct from the GS1. For everyone else, EZUPC is an affordable, legal and legitimate option. We highly recommend you check with your retailer or distributor’s requirements.

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Receive Your Order Immediately via Instant Download

We give you both UPC and EAN Codes if you are outside North America.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee on quantities of 20 or less so you can test risk-free**

Get FREE UPC & EAN Barcode Graphics in 2 File Formats: Vector EPS and universal PDF that works with virtually any app.

Legal, Verified, Authentic GTINs (UPC/EAN) that Originate from the GS1 and Can Be Used Worldwide

No Renewal Fees or Hidden Charges—Own Your Numbers Free and Clear for Life

Serving You Since 2007—Used by the Presidential Inauguration!

People Love Us and You Will Too!

You guys are amazing and have the best customer service in the history of the internet! You can quote me on that!

Brion Riborn

Etymbiotic Music

I have never once done this before, but after dealing with this site, I have to. I just want to say thank you to everyone at this site. Holy cow. I wish every site was this customer friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. it’s no surprise that this is a successful company since it’s run so well. I’ve never had a better online shopping experience. Thanks for being so great to your customers and making things easy for us. If I ever need another UPC, I know exactly where I’m going to. Never change your incredible business approach!

Jake Jensen

Jakes Cookies Co

I have done business online for years and have never had such efficient and fast service. I am totally impressed with EZUPC as a first rate company that delivers all that they promise—and then some.  Thanks so very much. It has been a delight doing business with you.

Ken Crause

Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate the great customer service! I also appreciate the service you offer. It’s not many startups that can afford the incredibly high and seemingly unwarranted fees the GS1 gang demand.

Dan Arnold

Right Track Pro

My experience with EZ UPC has been excellent. EZ UPC supplied the order quickly, accurately and competitively. When I asked for EAN’s, they didn’t just send them; they went out of their way to make sure I understood how it works internationally so I would avoid mistakes.

Carl Murphy

Business Development Manager, Morph Products Inc.

You guys are fantastic and so easy to work with. Much better pricing than the GS1 Company here in Australia and my clients are so appreciative of the service you offer.  I shall continue to recommend EZ UPC in all instances.

Nathan Boxx

Is EZ UPC Right For You?

Read the main points you should consider to determine if you should buy your UPC/EAN Codes from us.

About Us

This is the No BS TL;DR—What you need to know when you purchase UPC codes from us.

Using EZUPC vs. the GS1

Read the Pros & Cons when it comes to buying barcodes for your products from EZUPC.


Answers to all your questions about barcodes for your products


EZ UPC barcode guarantees guy

We're the ONLY UPC Reseller site that offers you a
14-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.


See our Customer Love in their own words since 2007. We don't do social media sites, fake stuff or hype—we keep it real.

Used by the Presidential Inauguration.

Since 2007, our barcodes have been used by companies large and small from all of the world. Many brands and product names you would recognize bought their barcodes from EZUPC.

Even the Presidential Inauguration purchased a UPC code from us for the official Souvenir Program. (Please note that we are a non-partisan, apolitical business and our customers do not reflect or advocate for any political views.)

Looking for Easy UPC? Read here about how they were infringing on our trademark and selling bogus numbers under the domain EasyUPC.com

NOTICE: In 2016 we filed a UDRP complaint against a shady competitor infringing on our longstanding trademark with the domain EasyUPC.com. In January 2017 we won the dispute and the domain was transferred to us. You can read about it here. We have since discovered they were selling fake numbers and are now operating another shady site under the name SnapUPC which recently changed again and they are now under UPCs.com.

In the process we discovered that the same competitor as well as another were fined $20,000 by the Federal Trade Commission back in 2014 for price collusion. You can read about that here.

Bottom line, if you want to buy from an honest, reputable business with real people that answer the phones and provide impeccable customer service and reasonable prices, then EZ UPC is really your only legitimate choice in the Barcode Reseller niche market.

Call or email us today if you have questions about the recent Amazon rules that are causing a lot of people to think they can no longer buy UPC Codes from barcode resellers like us.

When you buy from us, your numbers are GUARANTEED to work on Amazon (as long as you follow our instructions on adding your numbers to your products and are not a part of their Brand Registry).

Be cautious about purchasing from Resellers who are offering barcode numbers for pennies on the dollar or claiming to have sold millions of barcodes. If it were that easy to obtain legal prefixes to be able to practically give barcode numbers away or sell “millions” then everyone would be doing it.

There are also many websites out there now who are selling made-up or unofficial numbers that they don’t own the right to sell, and they are simply banking on the consumer not being savvy enough to do their homework and not spending enough money to come back to them later and sue them or file chargebacks or complaints.

EZUPC We're Your UPC Easy Button! Your most transparent, reliable source for low-cost verifiable UPC codes since 2007.
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