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Conditions/Terms of Agreement

Conditions of Use / Legal Purchase Agreement for GTINs / READ ME

Conditions of Use

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive an email confirming your order—a receipt generated directly from our store. This email comes from customercare@ezupc.com. Your order contents will be sent immediately in a separate email with a Download Button to retrieve your order. The best thing to ensure you receive everything from us is to add our address to your address book or Safe Sender list: customercare@ezupc.com.

Conditions of Use / Legal Purchase Agreement for GTINs / READ ME

****You MUST read and accept this agreement in order for your sale to be accepted. We highly recommend that you read it in its entirety rather than simply hitting “accept”. *****

Acceptance of these terms and completion of your order serves as a binding agreement between you, the buyer and EZ UPC™/EZ UPC.com, the seller.

A copy of this agreement will also be sent with your order. If you are simply purchasing bar code files through MyBarcodeGraphics.com, this agreement does not apply and your files will be sent immediately and all sales are final unless there is an error on our part.

For the purpose of this agreement, all numbers are referred to as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN). You will be issued official unique GTIN number(s), which can be used in UPC Barcode (12 digit), EAN Barcode (13 digit), JAN Barcode (13 Digit), SCC/ITF-14 Barcode (14 digit), or GLN (14 digit) format on your individual products. Ask your retailer which type they want, regardless of where you live. Most accept both and prefer UPC in North America, EAN throughout the rest of the world. The actual bars of the barcode generated by your number are the same. The only difference is the human readable digits printed along the bottom, which are not picked up by barcode scanners anyway. All scanners throughout the world can read UPC codes, but not all scanners in North America are programmed to read EAN codes.

NOTE: When buying more than one number, we issue them in sequence for your convenience and ours. The sequence excludes the 12th Check Digit because that number is calculated based on the previous 11 digits, therefore your sequence is the first 11 digits. See the actual barcode graphics files for the full 12 digit/13 digit numbers with the calculated check digits and your Codes CSV file which contains a sequential list of the numbers with check digits.

Using Your Numbers as EANs: We send them to you as UPC codes (GTIN-12), which are 12 digits. If you need them as EANs/JANs (GTIN-13) you simply add a 0 (Zero) IN FRONT of the first digit. DO NOT ADD TO THE END OF THE NUMBER!!!. To create a GLN simply add two Zeros IN FRONT of the first digit.

The buyer’s Official UPC/EAN bar codes are sent via e-mail with a downloadable link to a zipped folder, therefore it is imperative that you use a valid email address and check your spam folder.

You are made aware that your numbers that you purchase from us are yours to use with your individual retailers and will not appear in the GS1’s GEPIR.org database with any information related to your specific company or individual products.

Guarantees and Policies

Your GTIN(s) is/are unique and will never be knowingly duplicated, used or sold to another by EZ UPC after they have been sold and assigned to you.  EZ UPC keeps a database of all issued numbers within our issued original UCC (the Uniform Code Council, now known as the GS1) Company prefix. In order to keep our database accurate, if you change or move your company, you must notify EZ UPC within 7 days and provide full contact information of the new owner.

You agree not to resell your number(s), nor may you may not sell or transfer ownership of your numbers to a third party. You may, however, reuse your numbers if your products become discontinued. The GS1 recommends waiting seven years after discontinuation before reusing numbers to ensure that there is no chance of old product still on store shelves.

Please be aware that if we discover unauthorized or pirated use of GTINs using our prefix, we will take necessary legal action to cease the unauthorized use.

You are made aware that Walmart & Sam’s Club stores (Walmart.com is okay), Kroger branded groceries (such as Kroger, Fry’s, King Soopers, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, etc.), Macy’s and Bloomingdales. might not accept your subset GTIN because it is not purchased through the GS1 and they require your own GS1 certificate and prefix. This is merely a procedural matter with their application process and has nothing to do with the functionality of the numbers assigned. We also have reports of Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Lowes enforcing the policy of requiring a GS1 company prefix and certificate but we also have customers who have successfully submitted their numbers from us into those stores.

We also have reports of people successfully submitting their numbers and providing their certificate of ownership from us to these stores and not being asked for a GS1 Certificate. What we have found is that if you are working with big box retailers like Walmart and Kroger family stores at a local level, they don’t get involved in the GS1 politics. It’s only when you get a national distribution contract that requires you to work with their Corporate Headquarters or on a national level that they are strict about enforcing the political rule that you must provide an ownership certificate directly from the GS1.

If your product becomes so successful that you obtain a distributor or retailer contract who wants to mass market your product(s) in those stores, then your success at that point ought to justify the high cost of obtaining a company prefix through the GS1. Until that happens, and for everyone else, EZ UPC is an extremely easy, legal and affordable solution. Your worst-case scenario is that you would have to get new numbers through the GS1 and put stickers over your existing ones that you buy from us to go into those stores several years down the road.

* **14 Day Money Back Guarantee Return Policy

**If you run into any issues using our numbers that we cannot help you resolve within 14 days of purchase, we will refund your transaction on orders of quantities 20 or less.

If you are considering a large quantity of numbers, we highly recommend you buy a single number or several and test them first. If you run into any issues, 99% of the time we can help you resolve the issue.

 *Amazon Guarantee:

We guarantee that our numbers will work on Amazon, as long as you do not own a Registered Trademark ® and are not planning to participe in the Amazon Brand Registry (if you have an existing Brand/Storefront you can use our numbers), and that you follow our instructions included with your order on entering your products into their system when creating your listings.

Note: The Amazon Brand Registry is intended to protect giant company’s trademarks (think Coca Cola or Proctor & Gamble) and requires that you own a Registered Trademark ®. You don’t need to enroll in the Brand Registry—companies with thousands of products that are sold by re-sellers and distributors worldwide benefit by using it in order to keep their brands protected from knockoff sellers.

Please follow our instructions that come with your order and DO NOT contact Seller Support before contacting us if you run into any issues. Amazon can be stubborn with mis-informed Seller Support agents and it’s a rabbit hole if you contact them first.

The fact is, Amazon has been accepting our numbers since 2007 and even used to refer people to us for their UPCs. We can help you with virtually any issue to get your products listed but it may take some effort on your part and you must contact us for help, not Seller Support.

You will be required to provide screen shots of any errors or issues if you are getting stuck. No matter what Amazon Seller Support says, the fact is, our numbers ORIGINATE from the GS-1 and are perfectly legal and legitimate as agreed to in the Class Action Settlement Agreement by the GS1 (formerly UCC) in 2002. Even the Federal Trade Commission has deemed UPC Resellers legitimate when they fined several sites in 2016 for Price Collusion, despite the GS1 falsely claiming that all Resellers are not legitimate.

Amazon also accepts our Certificates as a “direct affiliation with the company appearing in the GS1’s GEPIR database”.

It is misinformation for Amazon Seller Support to claim that your numbers must appear with your name in the GS-1 Database because their database is not up to date. And they are tricksters who won’t allow us to update any information that is already in their database without us agreeing to give up the rights that the Class Action Settlement Agreement awarded us.

If Your Number(s) are Already in Use on Amazon

In the unlikely event that any of your numbers are already in use on Amazon, we also guarantee we will replace them. While it is rare, it does happen and it is not our fault or your fault if someone has poached our numbers that we have lawfully sold to you. It is because Amazon failed to have any kind of check system until a few years ago and many people got away with making up or fraudulently using numbers they didn’t have a right to use.

Unfortunately Amazon gives us no recourse when this happens, and once a number is in use in their database even if there is no longer a listing using the number, it is no longer usable. Therefore the only thing we can do is give you  new numbers to replace any poached numbers. Note that this also happens even if you buy your numbers from the GS1 and the result is no different. You can read countless stories of this on Seller Central’s forums. Because Amazon won’t purge them from their system, the only option is to use a different number.

Retailers That Won’t Accept Our Numbers

Unfortunately there are also a handful of major retailers that will likely require you to lease your numbers from the GS1 so you cannot buy from us if you are putting your products in their stores. These include Walmart & Sam’s Club stores (Walmart.com is okay), Kroger branded groceries (such as Kroger, Fry’s, King Soopers, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, etc.), Macy’s and Bloomingdales.

These stores might not accept UPCs purchased from a reseller like us as they may require you to show that you have spent way too much money that you probably didn’t have and purchased your numbers directly from the GS1. This is because they share board members and are participating with the GS1 exclusively. However, we also have reports of many businesses being successful getting their products into these stores with our numbers—especially at the local or regional levels.

Please note that we are not responsible in any way for any retailer that does not choose to accept your GTIN(s) and we do not refund transactions if you encounter a retailer that does not accept your numbers after 14 days of purchase. There are hundreds of thousands of retailers worldwide who have accepted our numbers since 2007 and millions of retailers out there who will.

We recommend you do your due diligence and study the information on our site and make sure you will not have an issue with your retailer before you buy or within the 14 day period after purchase. You are required to report to us any Retailers or Distributors who refuse to allow you to use the numbers you purchase from us.

About the File Formats of Your Bar Codes

Unzipping Order Files

As a courtesy, buyer will receive 2 professional print-ready UPC barcode files for each assigned number. If buyer’s address is outside North America, EAN barcode graphics files are also provided automatically. You may also generate your own bar codes with your own bar code software. If your company address is in North America but you are selling strictly outside outside North America, you may request EAN bar code files and we will send them as a courtesy but this is a custom request and may take several hours turnaround after you request them.

Most computers already have an unzip utility on them to unzip the archive so you only need to double-click on the Zip archive to open it.

Your files are 100% GS1 Standards Compliant and flexible for any of your product packaging needs. They are created with professional design software by professional designers who know commercial printing and packaging industry requirements and GS1 Graphics Standards (download the international standards here.

The EPS and PDF files are Vector, which means they are scalable to any resolution and any size. They are provided in the file at 100% the recommended dimensions. If you or your designer are placing the file on your product package art or printing on stickers, you should not reduce it less than 80% of it’s current size or it may not be readable by optical scanners. If you are using a professional designer, you can tell them the file is in vector format and can be placed in any professional layout program. Refer to our Output and Sizing Guide for information on scaling and/or cropping your barcodes here.

Note that we no longer provide raster TIF files as they take up too much space on our server and are not used anymore when the PDF is universal. If you really want TIF files, you can always request them at customercare@ezupc.com. The TIF files are 300 dpi RGB and should be converted to Grayscale for output. For best printing results your black should be only 100% K and not have any C, M or Y in the bars.

EZ UPC is not responsible for the output of your printed bar codes. Visit WePrintBarcodes.com for affordable, professional, compliant labels printed with your barcode numbers. If you only need a few hundred labels and wish to print them yourself, we recommend you use at least a 600 dpi Laser Printer. You must keep your bar code high contrast—dark bars on light background. For assurance of scanability, 100% black on white is recommend. Visit our site for detailed information on printing your own labels, output and size standards and doing test scans: All About Barcode Printing.

Acceptance & Indemnity

By accepting these terms of agreement and sale, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless EZUPC.com, MyBarcodeGraphics.com, Clear Light Productions and any of their proprietors, employees, contractors, personnel and officers from any and all legal claims arising out of your use of these Global Trade Item Numbers, including, but not limited to, product liability claims, criminal prosecution, and retailer punitive fines. The maximum resolution to any dispute is a refund of the original amount paid.

Contact Info

If you have any questions please contact EZ UPC and we are happy to assist you.

EZ UPC.com
1309 Coffeen Ave, Suite 1200
Sheridan, WY 82018
Tel 307.217.5352

We prefer contact via email in addition to phone calls so inquiries are documented.

EZ UPC.com is a website maintained by Clear Light Productions (Sheridan, WY).

EZ UPC.com and Clear Light Productions reserve the right to modify these terms at any time and will publish such changes with a revision date on our site. The terms that you agree to at the time of your purchase are the terms you are bound by.

Rev. 21MAR2022

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