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I’ve always recommended EZUPC and will continue to do so, the customer service has been great thus far!

Thank you for all of your help, I could not have navigated through this without you!



Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate the great customer service! I also appreciate the service you offer. It’s not many startups that can afford the incredibly high and seemingly unwarranted fees the GS1 gang demand.
Dan Arnold

Right Track Pro

Thank you for attentive and excellent service.

Lori Wellen

I am really impressed at what great customer service you gave.
Thank you. It is really appreciated.

Kara Loker

Tuff Sox

This is fantastic service. Thank you. It’s amazing how something so simple can earn such respect and trust in today’s market place. Much Appreciated.

Mark Hockman


Thank you so much! I appreciate you being so prompt!

Thomas O'Leary


Thank you for doing that so fast!!! That was so much easier than I thought. I like working with you guys. Your company has always been so helpful and takes the time to answer questions! Hard to find these days.

Cliff Silverman

Karajen Crop.

Thank you so much for such a clear and prompt reply to my email inquiry. I do appreciate the time you took to respond to each of my questions with clarity.

Stella Papadopoulos

Inspirations by Stella

Well, you’ve provided me with some of the best customer service I have had in a long time. Something that is getting pretty rare nowadays.

Thank you so much for answering my questions in such detail. I feel much more comfortable with UPC codes now with the knowledge you have provided me.

If anyone ever needs UPC codes I will be sure to point them in your direction!

Jason Arthur

Thank you for taking the time to call me last night. You have granted me the same level of customer service that I grant my own customers. It takes a special level of dedication to customer satisfaction to do so. This is the kind of customer service that produces success.

Mark Carpenter

GenTent Safety Canopies

This just a warm thank you and a praise report on your staff. One phone operator in particular, Ms. Jodie, I want to thank her for the wonderful knowledge and help that she gave me today when trying to acquire UPC/EAN numbers on behalf of TruVision Entertainment staff. We want to thank you and please keep up the great work!

Anthony J. Perkins, CEO

TruVision Entertainment

WOW! Fantastic service. Eco-Ventures USA will definitely use you again as we develop products.
You can quote me on that.

Shawn Frost, CEO

Eco-Ventures USA

You guys are amazing and have the best customer service in the history of the internet! You can quote me on that!

Brion Riborn

Etymbiotic Music

Thanks a lot Jodie. You guys rock. Great service and thanks for your brilliant support!


Bellion LLC

Jodie – I just wanted to remember to say thank you for your excellent customer service. Thanks so much!

Jonathan Goldsmith

Good Green Bars

Wow! Thank you for the fast service!

Jason Kirkpatrick

Quest For Arete

Within the past 24 hours I have been most impressed, or rather spellbound, by both the quality of your work and the promptness of service. I did not expect to have my graphics on the same day as the order, and on a Saturday at that. Your company is very much superior to that of any of the other solution companies available.

David Alston

McGill Music Co.

Thank you for the speedy response!

Emily Peterson

Valkyrie Selections

Awesome! Thanks for the SUUUUPER quick turn around. I was adding another product to Amazon….almost done…then…WHAT?….I FORGOT to get another UPC!!! Two minutes later, the order was placed with EZ UPC and like 5 minutes after that (might have been 10, but still obscenely quick) I got my little numbers all tied up with a bow….new product added! High-Fives all around!

Lucas Taylor, Co-Founder


Excellent! Thank you for the lightning fast response! Great service!!!

Jan Taborsky

Happy Campers

Thank you so much! You guys are the best. I’ll definitely be using your services again.

Samori Coles

Lil' Drummaboy Recordings

Thank you for the very well-written explanation to my question. To be honest, I did not think you would even bother because it was such a small order. You will definitely hear from me soon.

Han Sing Tan

Creatvejuce PTE LTD.

Thank you for being so easy to work with. I thought all businesses like you had left the country.
Thank you so much.

Robert Monahan

Lullaby Tiger Publishing

You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for such a quick response, especially as I’m in the UK and ordered when you should all be in bed!

AD - Fleury Dubai LLC

Safemount UK Ltd

I can’t believe your incredible service. I have bought several barcodes from you, and every time I’m impressed.

Gina Katkin

Lilly Ray Music

You people totally rock! You have some of the best customer service I’ve run into in years. Seriously!

Richard Harvey

Smarter Cookies

Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate the great customer service! I also appreciate the service you offer. It’s not many startups that can afford the incredibly high and seemingly unwarranted fees the GS1 gang demand.

Dan Arnold

Right Track Pro

Wow! After a lot of research and almost spending way too much money, I read about a recommendation for EZ UPC. I called and spoke to Jodie and she pleasantly walked me through the simple and affordable way to order. As a matter of fact, she was so pleasant and courteous that I was sure she was the owner of the company. When she told me that she wasn’t, I was floored!!

Excellent customer service is unfortunately almost non existent in today’s marketplace but not at EZ UPC. Not only was the customer service great, but I asked for a rush order and had it in 10 minutes!! Thanks Jodie—you’re the best! You make me want to create more products so that I can give you more business!!

Christine Kreisher

Thanks for the lightning reply! It’s nice to see great customer service. We will definitely be back soon for more barcodes!  Thanks again!

Diana Hinton

Loving Naturals

Thanks for the fast response and great service! I hope to purchase more in the future.

Richard Babington

Eat 3D

Thank you! You guys are great! Will be ordering again in the future.

David Thomas

Off the Farm Foods, Inc.

OMG thank you so much for the prompt response to my order!!! You guys are great. Have a wonderful day!

Lisa Winger

WinBach Marketing Images

Thank you for responding so quickly. You’re great!

Debbie Swoope

Latria, LLC

Impressive Service. Thanks!

Gene Hammond

Fuel Baron Inc.

Thank you for all of your help my questions.   I am of the firm belief that when you become a transparent and trusted resource it breeds success – you are that to me.  For that you have my gratitude.  I know it was only one sale – but we hope it shall grow with you.

Clayton Balmes

I would really like to congratulate you guys on the level of customer service I received working with you. You guys would follow up with me via email and even took the time to call me on more than one occasion. This has made me feel like a valued customer and I will not only continue to use you for my project, but I will recommend you to anyone and everyone that might need your services. God bless you guys. I am truly thankful.

Vaughaligan "Von Won" Walwyn

Reel Talk Worldwide

If you ever need a recommendation from a very small business please ask I will do everything I can. Thanks again.

Robert Smith

Hi Jodie, Thank you for your attention to detail and cheerful service. Keep up the good work. Hope to work with you in the future as we sell more cards.

Glen Booth

Vibrant Colors

I have done business online for years and have never had such efficient and fast service. I am totally impressed with EZUPC as a first rate company that delivers all that they promise—and then some.  Thanks so very much. It has been a delight doing business with you.

Ken Crause

Thank you very much for your prompt service. I will certainly recommend you to other clients.

Claudia Becker

Flapjack Toys

I want to thank you for NOT ripping people off and charging too much as others do. Your service was prompt and courteous. Thank you.

Kelly Hall


Called a couple of times to ask some questions. Talked with a lady by the name of Jodie. Just wanted to say… she gave me excellent service. Guided me nicely through the barcode process. Will be ordering through you guys.

Babi Bleau

Thank you for taking the time to help me today, I really appreciate it. Your web site was easy to navigate and customer service on the phone OUTSTANDING!

Lynn Jurgen

Shower SpeX

Thank you for your prompt attention to my order!!! It makes my job a lot easier knowing I can forget things until the last moment and have someone like you there!  🙂

Angela Holzer

Good Sound Publishing

Thank you for the quick response. I never thought it would be this easy to get a UPC! I just placed another order.

Chet Brzezinski

Great Lakes Nutrition

Thank you for the speedy turnaround. I’m excited to begin using my UPC codes for my products.

Shawn Mulligan

Keona Candles

I thought the process was easy, quickly executed and affordable.

Debbie Thomas

School for the Service Arts, Inc.

Thank you. Not many companies share the same values we do. While making money is important, doing something you enjoy and are proud of is what’s most important.

Debby Ware

Debby Ware Knitwares LLC

My experience with EZ UPC has been excellent. EZ UPC supplied the order quickly, accurately and competitively. When I asked for EAN’s, they didn’t just send them; they went out of their way to make sure I understood how it works internationally so I would avoid mistakes.

Carl Murphy

Business Development Manager, Morph Products Inc.

Thanks again! You all are so amazingly helpful! I wish the entire country believed in the customer service that you offer.

Michelle Romero

Thank you so much for sending the barcodes to quickly!! Next time I need barcodes I will be purchasing from you.

Jennifer Edison

Thanks for you fast service & great customer care.

Linda Bronsart

High Country Iron

THANK YOU, Julia! You’ve made the UPC part of growing our business so easy!

Susan Turner

Curio Spice Co.

Thanks a million!!! You’re the best! At this price and this kind of service, I’ll return to buy a couple of more soon.

Cristian Anuta

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You guys are great!!!I didnt even have timeto write you an email and I had my codes! Such good customer service!!! 2thumbs up here!!!

Hildi Kehler

Thank you very much for your outstanding service.

E. Moreiro

Moreiro Atelier

Thank you for the awesome service!

Frank Perez

La Candela

Thanks Julia!
Perfect customer service 😏

Veronica Bella

You guys are fantastic and so easy to work with. Much better pricing than the GS1 Company here in Australia and my clients are so appreciative of the service you offer.  I shall continue to recommend EZ UPC in all instances.

Nathan Boxx

WOW! You guys are FAST!

Blaine Hone

BD Global

Hi again Ms. Jodie,
Forgot to thank you for the lightening fast response. This tells me a lot about your company.
Means you are sincere and care about what you guys are doing.

Jody Cruzan

Cruzan Strings

You guys are amazing! Thank you!   A+

Kevin Mack

Vice President, NEO Innovations Inc.

Thanks for your very prompt response. It is very much appreciated.

Peter Frank

Product Innovation

Thank you Very, Very, Much!  You guys are the best. Great Service, always prompt.  Appreciate it!

Mark Wenberg

Velocity Archery

Can’t thank you enough for doing this so quickly! You saved me a big delay. YOU ROCK!!!!!

Lisa Daily

Interactive Motivation

You guys are great. Just good service at a good price.

Gary Castell

Magnum Plastics, Inc.

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery!

Rainbow Shultz

Joey's Handheld Pancakes

Jodie, I must say you are on TOP of things over there…especially for a Sat. night!! I looked at other sites today and found UPC’s for much less, but the service over here alone is worth its weight in gold!!

Ken Affolter

Supplement Center

Thank you so much for your help and quick service today!!  Amazing!

Richard Waters

Proprietary Innovation Labs

Thank you for the quantity price break credit you gave me! This is very impressive customer service!

Donna Charloff


Thank you for being so highly efficient and for the quick service!

Justine Curgenven

Cackle TV Productions

I have never once done this before, but after dealing with this site, I have to. I just want to say thank you to everyone at this site. Holy cow. I wish every site was this customer friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. it’s no surprise that this is a successful company since it’s run so well. I’ve never had a better online shopping experience. Thanks for being so great to your customers and making things easy for us. If I ever need another UPC, I know exactly where I’m going to. Never change your incredible business approach!

Jake Jensen

Jakes Cookies Co

Thank you for processing my order so quickly. I appreciate the quality of your service.

Scott Walters

Thank you so much for your response. I value your input and I agree about making all of the prices the same.  I also want to say that I love your website. It has valuable information that was not on other sites. AND I really appreciate that you got back to me about my question!

Raejean Prather

Shadows Treasure Trunk

Thank you so much for your surprisingly fast response. Thank you also for sorting out my dilemma. You have one incredibly satisfied customer.

Richard Castillo

Reluctant Records

My experience getting our new UPC code from your company was very easy and the customer service I received from Jodie was exceptional!  Thank you again EZ UPC. It is much appreciated!

Richard Fountain


Thank you so very much for the extraordinarily quick turnaround! I appreciate your help and I will continue to do business with you in the future!!

Linda Kimberly

SokheChapke Publishing, Inc.

This works fantastic. You rock guys!   Thanks for being so quick.  Will continue to work with you.

Dana Callahan

Jordan Trading

Thank you ever so much! I will continue to tell other people needing your services just how good you are!

Michael Godard

Triple M Enterprises

Thank you so much. Your company is the best!! I am soooo used to dealing with companies that don’t care a lot about customer relations. You stand out as an example of one that will be around for many years because you care and are building a loyal user base

William Combs

Cookie Combs

Thank you for such good service!

Dwight Allen

Allen Bee Company

Very easy checkout and by far the best site I have found! Thank you!!!

Tim Durham

Durham's Bee Farm, Inc.

Thanks Jodie! I appreciate the quick response!

Steve Ducey

The Ad Group

Your service and graphics were excellent for our printers to do their job. SUPER PRODUCT AND GREAT SERVICE! Thanks!

Robert Otte

EZ Hook

Thank you very much for your fast service. I really appreciate the professional service and the accurate way you processed the job.

Walid Takrouri

White Heart

You guys rock. Very impressed on your customer service.

Tim Berti

Silicon Valley Personnel

This is exactly what was required, thanks.   You have been a pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing business with your company again in the very near future.

Ann-Marie King

A Eleane King Enterprises

Your customer support is exemplary! That is priceless.  I will certainly model our customer support after yours and I wish everyone else would.

Dillon LaBonte


Many thanks. Received order this morning. Thank you for the great service. We will be back.   All the best from down under in Australia.

William Hutton

Hi Jodie, I just wanted to reply to say how much we appreciate your promptness and professionalism in getting back to us on our concerns.  Blessings to you and your company always.

Darryl and Tina T Howard

Morning Star Studio Productions

Thanks for the VERY fast response. Excellent communication and follow through.

Marc Barrios

Thanks for getting this over to me as soon as you did. I really appreciated all the support and attention to my needs this morning.

Cindy Gavello

Thank you, I’m a consultant for aspiring authors and will highly recommend your services!

Felice Gerwitz

Media Angels, Inc.

Thank you for being the company you are that is not greedy and provides great service. We are a new company and that resonates with us. Have a great day.

Lane Michel

I’m back for more. Thanks for helping small companies like mine get affordable UPC codes. I’ve read your story about how you came to possess the bar code and I surmise that someone must have learned an important lesson somewhere in life . . . it is better to share than to hoard. Thanks again.

Alma Ramsey

Thank you for perfect service. I definitely will get my future UPC numbers from your company again.

Eric Zandi


Thank you. We have been amazed by the speed and professionalism of your company, not to mention the cost. Those other companies that advertise as ‘official’ ought to be ashamed of themselves. How do they sleep at night?

Nick Bradshaw

TMC Limited

Thank you much. Your customer service is outstanding! Please let me know what other products you carry.


PM Designs

I want to express my great appreciation for your prompt response to my order for a UPC. I received the number and bar codes within a matter of a few hours, and I was able to efficiently use my time in readying my product for sale. Thank you again for your outstanding service.

Ingo Bischoff

President Economic Club of San Francisco

GREAT SERVICE! Thank you very much!

Vladimir Algin and Abbe Rous

WOW!! Thank you for filling our order so quickly. I cannot begin to express my gratitude and surprise!! I could not tell you how to improve.

We will be buying more codes next year and I will certainly refer you to my friends and contacts. I couldn’t be happier. With so much of business being a challenge, it is so nice to have an easy stress free experience.

Maha Khan


Thank you so much.  I appreciate the speed and professional way that you and your company handles customer service. I promise that next time the order will be placed weeks in advance.

Charles Campbell

Select TALK Radio Network, LLC

Finally a UPC company who knows what they are doing. Very fast order processing plus they generate vector EPS (really the only way to get real crisp UPC graphics) besides the JPG’s and TIF’s.

DuWayne Rocus

Extreme Inkjet

Thank you for all of your help. We have generated perfect bar codes and labels! I do appreciate your fast response time and your advice.

MaryAnn Larson

I have done business with your company a number of times and think you offer a great service!

Owen Barker

Curio Cards

I am fascinated with the speed at which my ordered UPC/EAN codes arrived within less than the expected 24 hours. Moreover, the three graphics formats sent to for each code provides me with flexibility in designing in my labels. Thanks for setting free the small-scale manufacturer, especially from the third world countries. And, of course, thanks for the cheapest prices one can get anywhere. I will go for more.

Yassin Maisikeli


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