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You can use our numbers as UPCs (GTIN-12) or EANs (GTIN-13). If you live outside the US or Canada, you will automatically get BOTH UPC and EAN codes. You can use our codes on any Amazon site throughout the world.

We guarantee that our numbers will work on Amazon, as long as you do not own a Registered Trademark ® and are not planning to participate in the Amazon Brand Registry (if you have an existing Brand/Storefront you definitely can use our numbers). You must follow our instructions included with your order on entering your products into their system when creating your listings.

Amazon has been accepting our numbers since 2007 and even used to refer people to us for their UPCs. We can help you with virtually any issue to get your products listed but it may take some effort on your part and you must contact us for help, not Seller Support.

You will be required to provide screen shots of any errors or issues if you are getting stuck. No matter what Amazon Seller Support says, the fact is, our numbers ORIGINATE from the GS1, can be verified in the GS1 database, and are perfectly legal and legitimate as agreed to in the Class Action Settlement Agreement by the GS1 (formerly UCC) in 2002. Even the Federal Trade Commission has deemed UPC Resellers legitimate when they fined several sites in 2016 for Price Collusion, despite the GS1 falsely claiming that all Resellers are not legitimate.

Amazon also accepts our Certificates as a “direct affiliation with the company appearing in the GS1’s GEPIR database”.

It is misinformation for Amazon Seller Support to claim that your numbers must appear with your name in the GS1 Database because their database is not up to date. And they are tricksters who won’t allow us to update any information that is already in their database without us agreeing to give up the rights that the Class Action Settlement Agreement awarded us.


*See Our Guarantees Page

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